Website redesign

Website redesign - Do you know what you want

Website redesign lets clarify the need for change:

  • Are search engines even aware of your website
  • Which pages are successful and which are not
    • How do users enter, behave and navigate
    • Do the web pages load quickly or are you losing that impatient customer
    • Is the information given, clear and accurate
  • Who are your potential clients
    • Can they be profiled, what are their habits, wants and needs
    • Is your page content attractive, reflect their taste and satisfy their interest
    • What do they honestly think about your site
  • Is navigation simple and provides relevant information
  • Does the website:
    • Rank highly for the appropriate keywords
    • Attract enquiries from your targeted audience or force them to go elsewhere
  • Analyse and benchmark the competition
    • What impression or message do they convey Does this reflect and enhance their brand identity
    • Which Company would you buy from without prior knowledge
    • What the customers are really looking for, is the information they want, available at a glance and well presented or how many clicks does it take to find
    • How does the client communicate their interest
    • Are they cluttered with unrelated information
    • Is the overall design overcomplicated
    • How is the site structured, and what elements do they have which yours lacks.
    • How do they excel and what do you dislike More importantly how do users react
  • Can users contact you easily and how do you deal with them properly

We are happy to analyse your existing website for you.

Having identified the reasons for a redesign, we will work with you to develop a site for your targeted audience, which captures there interest. Whilst conveying the image of your organisation you want.

If you are already enjoying high ranking and conversions the redesign may be simply a change of appearance, consolidation and improvement. If not we will still retain what is good and look to build a UK site that has:

  1. Useful information that clearly and accurately describes your products or services.
  2. Well presented valuable content which is attractive to the customer and is directed at securing conversions.
  3. Simple and easy navigation to related information. With a website structured and designed to enable new content to be added easily. Old URLs being correctly redirected so as to not lose referrals and notifying inbound links of the change.
  4. Clean uncluttered pages free of the irrelevant which load quickly.
  5. Search engine optimisation and promotion including pay per click as appropriate.

To review your existing website and discuss the benefits of redesign, call Philip on 01565 653330 or use our Simple Enquiry Form


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